Showcase Home
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2021 Southern Living Showcase Home

Our Showcase Home

Mike Stevens Homes was pleased to host a Southern Living Showcase Home in Knoxville, Tennessee, open to the public for self-guided tours in October 2021. portion of admission proceeds went to Operation FINALLY HOME and local non-profits, Sertoma Center and Susannah’s House.

This two-story multi-generational home was designed by C3 Studio and built by Mike Stevens Homes. The home is located at 9722 Clingmans Dome Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee, in the Northshore Town Center, a walkable hometown community designed with principles of New Urbanism in mind. Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, the Northshore Town Center is Knoxville’s premier neighborhood to live, work, and play.

Mike Stevens Homes is one of an exclusive group of builders chosen for the Southern Living Custom Builder Program.  Each year, Southern Living carefully selects members based on their community reputation; strength of presence in their respective markets; superior quality and attention to detail; innovative style and other criteria. 

The multi-generational home featured an open floor plan, working pantry, bonus/play space, ample outdoor living space, guest house, hobby garden, dog grooming station, and sprawling children’s play area in the backyard.

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2021 Southern Living Showcase Home Sponsors

The Northshore Town Center

In the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, nestled among the trees, you’ll find The Neighborhood at the Northshore Town Center – and a lifestyle not commonly found in East Tennessee. We designed the Town Center, now in its third and final phase, with a hometown feel in mind, intentionally focusing on neighbors, front porches, and sidewalks to encourage a sense of community among residents.


Homes focus on detail in craftsmanship, quality and durability, outdoor living and building a sense of community. Most homes are rear-access, placing driveways, garages, vehicles, and trash bins in the back of the homes along quiet streets hidden from view. Homes have prominent front porches that seem to sprawl right out onto the sidewalks, encouraging neighbors to socialize.


In the evenings, residents pour out of their homes, children and pets in tow, to enjoy each other’s company on sidewalks or in our community gathering spots to get fresh air while being active.


A pleasant walk, bike ride or golf cart trip down a tree lined path will lead you to a locally- owned grill on the corner. If you opt for a more casual atmosphere, you can also choose the local Mexican restaurant or craft beer market where you can also enjoy live entertainment on the weekends. The community also includes walkable access to national-chain grocery stores and an elementary school.

For updates on our current projects, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.